Benefits of Accreditation

Transport operators who invest in becoming RTMS accredited are recognised for their commitment to responsible business through a series of concessions.

The most notable is the opportunity to investigate the implementation of Performance Based Standards (PBS). This in short means that a vehicle can be designed outside the current legal limits, whilst still complying with certain safety and other requirements and can, therefore, carry heavier payloads. The Minister of Transport has given permission for the development of two such vehicles in the forestry industry which will be used on a trial basis. These pilots will run for three years and will be closely monitored in terms of safety and a host of other characteristics, such as productivity, cost, fuel economy, etc. Both Sappi and Mondi have invested in the development of two PBS vehicles, one being operated by Timber 24 and the other by Super Group Transport. The initial results are very favourable. A second concession (Weighless) has been successfully negotiated in KwaZulu-Natal, resulting in certified hauliers not being stopped when weighbridges are full.